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Security Survilence

With over 10 years expertise, Dar Samra Computer Services has the competitive edge to guide you through the CCTV design, specification and surveillance installation, when choosing a system that perfectly meets your commercial or public sector organisation's security needs. Dar Samra‘s integrated CCTV systems can protect your assets, save premiums and be deployed into a vast range of environments, including:.

Server and Rank Solutions

These days, the terms "hub" and "switch" are used to refer to the same items: electronic devices that provide ethernet signals. These provide the most basic level of connectivity, namely electricity. Technically, switches are smarter than hubs, but that distinction is best left to the nerds. In the pictures below, the itsy bitsy hub is the size of a pack of cards, while each of the big hubs in the stack is about 2 inches high, 16 inches wide, and 12 inches deep. That big hub stack can handle about 180 users (some ports are lost to interconnections); many of our dorms have piles that big.

Network Solutions (LAN/WAN)

At the centre of every company is its data. Whether documents, financial records or contact lists, they're an essential asset to your firm and need to be kept safe, secure and accessible. Here at Mamu Computing we understand the importance of providing the appropriate solution for you. This could be as simple as a shared folder on a computer or as complex as a cluster of servers. We also understand how mobile the modern office is - that's why we offer access to your files from outside the office. Take a look at our 'Remote Access' solutions for more information. In addition to making your files accessible to every employee, centralising your data storage simplifies the process of backing up. Most solutions we provide ensure no data is lost in the event of hardware failure and provide automatic back-up to an offsite location in case of fire or theft. As a result a central storage solution provides peace of mind that your data is safe and, if the worst were to happen, it could save your business.

Internet Security Solution

You can do a lot of different things on your computer. Share thoughts on social media, view (or create) podcasts, watch movies, write a novel, scour the internet for the best security tools… Wait, that last item doesn't belong. It's not fun, or creative, like the rest. You absolutely need to secure your devices and data with, at a minimum, antivirus software, so you can continue those enjoyable activities. But searching for the best antivirus, spam filter, firewall, ransomware protection, and so forth is no fun at all. Fortunately, many security companies offer security suites that incorporate all the security components you might need in a single, integrated application. Pick a security suite, install it, and go back to the things you really want to do.